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Tiffany + Benjamin "Save the Date"

Tiffany and Benjamin met and fell in love at Boston College years ago when they were both students.  In August 2016,  Benjamin proposed to Tiffany where it all begin.  In 2017, they're back at Boston College telling their closest family and friends to Save The Date. 


Chavon + Gilbert "Save The Date" Film

These two have two dates they want their family and friends to save... A love story that began in high school has led these two to the next steps in their lives.  They chose the John D O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science as a backdrop as it's the very place they first met.  Watch, share, and enjoy.


Leah + Ian Save The Date Film

Leah and Ian are a lovely couple that have a few differences, but the one thing they definitley agree on is their love for each other. 

Dejahn + Xaviera Proposal Film

Dejahn wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but not in the typical way.  So he set up an eloborate Bridal Photoshoot for his girlfriend Xaviera who happens to be a model. It's easier to watch what happens than for me to tell you.  Enjoy.